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Rob Gallo

Founder & Managing Director

Rob Gallo’s first endeavor into online gaming business was in 1997 when he established, followed by in 2001.  As the first licensee of Cryptologic and one of the largest success stories in online gaming securely transacted over $4 billion in gaming handle.  Mr. Gallo with the help of his 40+ employees and 5,500+ marketing affiliates, operated both businesses very profitably and successfully until selling the company In 2010 and quasi-retired.  That lasted about 3 weeks, (he stinks at golf, and doesn’t like fishing, so retirement didn’t take).  This prompted the launching of his consultancy firm Peak Gaming Group where he’s consulted for Caesars Entertainment, Dover Downs, and many companies in the online gaming space across the globe.

Michael Caselli

Operations Director

Michael Caselli is considered one of the world’s leading experts on online gaming and has been a sought-after expert by several international news programs including CNBC, MSNBC and the BBC. Since beginning his career in iGaming in 1996, Michael has shared his expertise in the sector as the editor/publisher of several iGaming magazines; and by participating as organizer, host, chairman and moderator for leading international interactive gaming conferences. Today, Michael is a sector investor, an entrepreneur and an advisor for companies in the iGaming space. Additionally, Michael also spends his time philanthropically, working on The Caselli Foundation, advancing educational opportunities in iGaming.

Eric Morris

Marketing Director

Eric Morris has been building and monetizing brands in the online gaming sector for over 25 years. He was the creative force behind Gambling Online Magazine, Bluff and Fight! magazines (print and digital). As co-founder and co-President of Bluff Media, Eric implemented successful sales and monetization strategies that powered poker media market domination during the heyday of online gaming in the US. As online gaming continues it’s highly anticipated return within the US, Eric stands ready to apply his unsurpassed industry-specific sales and marketing knowledge to the success of this new venture. Since the acquisition of Bluff Media by Churchill Downs, Eric has remained an active voice in the industry, providing his expertise to an array of industry mainstays both formally and informally.

Eddy Kleid

Financial Director

Eddy Kleid has over 15 years of industry finance and business development experience spanning RealTime Gaming, Bluff Media, and Churchill Downs. As co-founder and co-President of Bluff Media, Eddy provided financial and operational oversight of multimedia business lines including print, digital, radio, and streaming. After acquisition by Churchill Downs, he was an integral part of the leadership team spearheading the company’s proposed entry into online poker. Eddy is not quasi-retired, and is currently a senior financial officer at a top 40 homebuilding company…however, his real passion is pocket twos, not two-by-fours. MBA, Georgia Institute of Technology. Veteran, US Army, 82nd Airborne.

Tyler Gallo

Product Manager

Tyler Gallo has extensive experience in software product management and specializes in the parsing and collating end user UI/UX usage habits (and suggestion), and translating that information to the platform engineers and product developers into their language in order to make product enhancing features. Being an avid and accomplished gamer himself, he keenly understands the nuances of what end users want from their gaming experience, and that translates into great key decisions in the development process.

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