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Our Approach

We create lasting value

While the companies in CornerView Capital's portfolio may return capital gains and/or monthly recurring revenue to its investors, the most valuable assets are our long term strategic partnerships.

There are plenty of gaming investment companies, but CornerView Capital takes it to the next level in its strategic partnership building.  Rather than a one and done approach, the team at CornerView lives by the philosophy that solid, trusted, long-term relationships have more value that may not show up on a balance sheet, but will always provide great returns.

Investment Criteria

Ultra selective in the properties we develop

CornerView Capital is as far from a “me too” iGaming investment company as you’ve ever encountered.  We pride ourselves on finding unique opportunities and investments that offer substantial ROIs based on our operational and marketing expertise in the gaming space.  This means we are extremely selective in the deal flow process, and scrutinize every deal with a fine toothed comb to ensure our partners maximize the return on their capital.

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I like CornerView's 'old school' approach of building a solid foundation from relationships first before jumping into any investment.
— Mike D. - CEO of Strategic Partnership Company
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of CornerView Capital



People make all the difference and finding the right partners is paramount.  At CornerView Capital we take our partnerships very seriously.  Whether is a passive Limited Partner, or a strategic partnerships with a marketing company, technology partner or a financial institution, we are committed to fostering a harmonious ecosystem with the common goal of building something great and profitable.



From idea to concept, design to development, the goal is to lay out a plan for all the stakeholder to follow in order to be pulling in the same direction. The journey is always collaborative, and the insights from our partners is continually taken into consideration.  It takes a village to raise a raise a baby, and we think of all of our portfolio companies as our babies.



CornerView Capital is like the Quarterback who sets the game plan into action and executes the play by play on the field.  Our team is extensively experienced in every facet of the iGaming space and will be there to lead the team of strategic partners to the end zone for the win.



The people, the vision and the process lead to the end game of a return on the initial investment.  While it’s rewarding to point to the digital asset that was constructed and say you were a part of that, the cash in the bank is the final score and measurement of success from the project. CornerView Capital seeks to exceed the traditional IRR.

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